Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Certifications by Global Quality Accreditation Council (GE Council)  provide global acceptance of your lean six sigma skills. GE Council is currently offering  GE Council Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt ™ (GLSYB™), GE Council Certified Six Sigma Green Belt™ (GLSGB™) and GE Council Certified Six Sigma Black Belt™  (GLSBB™) certifications. Our certifications are aligned with GE Council Body of Knowldge ™. GE Council Body of Knowledge ™ is designed with our industry liaison program where role delineation studies are actively performed for identification of the skills expected from lean six sigma professionals. The body of knowledge are revised on yearly basis to reflect the industry needs and trends.

Our certification services are aligned with the requirements of international standards like ISO 17024 (Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Career in Lean Six Sigma & GE Council Lean Six Sigma Certifications


If you are starting your career in lean six sigma with no prior experience in lean six sigma then you can pursue GE Council Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt ™(GLSYB™). At this level there are no experience requirements, however you must have at minimum, a university degree in any discipline. After achieving GLSYB™ , you are expected to have some practical, on-ground experience of small to medium lean six sigma projects and also have at least 3 years of full time and paid professional experience at your credit.

With required professional experience and lean six sigma experience in hand, you then move to GE Council Certified Six Sigma Green Belt™ (GLSGB™). At GLSGB, you are required to almost master the lean six sigma tools with as many projects and assignment as you can. After achieving GLSGB™, you are expected to not only grow your skills in lean six sigma related domains but also increase your business acumen to understand subjects like organizational strategy, change management, project management and leadership.

This is the stage when you can apply for GE Council Certified Six Sigma Black Belt™  (GLSBB™). GLSBB™ is almost the pinnacle of lean six sigma career. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is someone who is certified black belt and has years of professional experience in lean six sigma, quality management and leadership roles. GE Council issues “Honorary GE Council Certified Master Black Belt ™” certification to individuals after careful review from our technical board. This certification is not offered publicly and evaluated on case-case basis. You may contact communication@gecouncil.org for learning more about “Honorary GE Council Certified Master Black Belt ™”.

GE Council allows you to transfer you existing lean six sigma certification to GE Council Lean Six Sigma Certifications. This provides an additional qualification and accreditation of your skills.

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